Integrated project management

Experience in construction projects, rehabilitation and renovation, interior design and urbanism.

FG arquitectes is an architectural firm founded by architects Cristina Farreny Riera and Rafael García Hernández in 1987 . It is made by a multidisciplinary team specializing in architectural design , urban planning and interior design. We also have regular contributors : engineers, lawyers , graphic designers , economists and sociologists involved in different areas of the projects developed by our study.

We have office in Barcelona and Menorca, places where we developed and implemented much of our work. The experience gained over the years has always been accompanied by a concern in research, ongoing application of new technologies , and a strong commitment to sustainable architecture.

Our operation is also supported by effective technical and technological support. Our infrastructure allows us to approach projects in a more agile manner and facilitates coordination with collaborators . We have specific programs for design, structural calculation , calculation of facilities, and to the full development of the project implementation .

Our commitment to architecture is vocational . We understand architecture as an almost magical creative process that responds to the illusions of the client, while optimizing the functional expectations. All with a formal result as a synthesis of a mixture of elements involved in the process , the place , the existing architecture , historical background and personal needs of the moment.

In an industry increasingly demanding and constantly evolving , rigor , professionalism and experience have characterized our work. The knowledge and study of architectural design, environmental friendliness , accuracy of construction detail , control of the work and budget are aspects of quality that we are able to guarantee .

Teaching experience at the School of Architecture at the first courses and workshops in Final Project , our study provides a constant update of all knowledge and skills involved in the architectural process . The relationship with the students and expressed concern that , gives us more energy for that research becomes a vocation.