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Single family house in Begues

  • Location: Begues, Barcelona
  • Client-Developer: Private
  • Project: 2005
  • Construction: 2007
  • Area: 335,50 m2
  • Ref. 03411

“L” shaped house

The location is on a trapezoidal plot with very little inclination and well oriented. We placed the house in the upper part L, so that the area with more sunlight, which is facing the views, can be used to build the garden and swimming pool.

The house is structured in two floors. The ground floor has the day area and the first floor has a guest room and a main room with amazing views. The main bedroom is visually connected with a living room through a double space. We’ve adopted an L shape design, so that the access to the house is gained by the corner of the L.

The aim is to achieve visual continuity so that from any point in the house there are always transparent elements, even on the garden, so that the spaces are developed one next to the other as a succession of rooms. This allows to take the indoor space beyond its limits and to make the outside of the house penetrate within the house.