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Residential building of 60 dwellings in Alaior

  • Location: Alaior, Menorca

The building is a block of 60 dwellings, with a basement for parking, ground floor, two floors for housing (20 apartments per floor), and 20 more in the attic. The building occupies approximately 50% of the plot: the excess (about 1800m2) is converted into a garden with swimming pool and a paddle tennis court.

The building plan is structured by a central corridor that distributes the flats on both sides, half of them opening to the street and the others to the garden area. The three entrances to the building are produced by the penetration from the street to the garden area, perpendicular to the central corridor. Three entrances are planned to avoid longer routes to the flats.

There are different types of housing: one bedroom, two bedrooms, three bedrooms, and the ones on the second floor with attic. All dwellings are built with the kitchen in the living room. The surfaces of the flats are between 50m2 and 70m2.

The building is placed by the street, setting back to leave a row of gardens for the ground floor dwellings, and leaving the back part of the plot to place the communal area. A continuous terrace is built throughout the building on both floors, enhancing the linearity of the building and gathering the shapes of the façade of different rooms. On the ground floor, continuing the concept of linearity, a sandstone wall is built, with a wooden fence that closes the gardens.