Menorca. Living in nature.

Why Menorca?

Magic calm and friendly people island. Menorca is an island of the Balearic archipelago located in the heart of the Mediterranean, of 700km2 and 200km of coastline. It retains its historical origins, landscapes, traditional architecture and gastronomy intact.

Menorca Biosphere Reserve. Spectacular and unusual landscapes that preserve their identity over time. Prehistoric constructions over 3,000 years old. Multiple transparent blue waters bordering dramatic cliffs, coves, bays and beaches that are entered in the field.
Menorcans are well aware of the value of their poor and irreproducible assets and demonstrate a great sensitivity for its protection and conservation.

Our work in Menorca

FG arquitectes been working 25 years in Menorca. We develop construction projects, rehabilitation, renovation, urban planning and interior design.

We integrate own constructive solutions of the island (sandstone stone, drywall, decks and games facade colors) and the use of traditional materials with a new architectural language, new construction solutions and latest technologies.

We have great respect for the existing architecture and the environment. We seek a balance between “yesterday and today”. We strive for harmonious coexistence between the old architecture, the environment and modern architecture. Our architecture is sensitive to the landscape but without falling into mimicry, breaks conformity and commitment to a new image of the island.

We handle all

We offer you the complete development of turnkey work or intervene when you need us: location of the site, project design, contracting builder, permission management, coordination and project management and interior design project to the last detail.

Our deep knowledge of the specific rules of the island and legislative dynamics, allow us to provide a smooth administrative management to get the necessary permits for construction.

Projects in Menorca

These are some of the projects we have done from FG arquitectes in Menorca.

Residential building of 19 dwellings in Palma de Mallorca
Residential building of 19 dwellings[...]

A 650m2 corner site located in Palma[...]

Residential building of 24 dwellings in Mercadal
Residential building of 24 dwellings[...]

This project is located in a trapezoidal[...]

Refurbishment of a loft with ground floor and mezzanine in Barcelona
Refurbishment of a loft with ground[...]

It is proposed to transfer the current[...]

Integral refurbishment in attic in Barcelona
Integral refurbishment in attic[...]

The attractiveness of the flat is the[...]

Residential building of 60 dwellings in Alaior
Residential building of 60 dwellings[...]

The building is a block of 60 dwellings,[...]

Water Park
Water Park

A PARK with water attractions . The[...]

Set property in Brazil
Set property in Brazil

We integrate two cultures : a solution.[...]

Barcelona apartment reform
Barcelona apartment reform

Penthouse flat in Barcelona in state.[...]

Spa Hotel Port Mahon
Spa Hotel Port Mahon

Overlooking the harbour from the subsoil[...]

Single family house Alaior
Single family house Alaior

We charge the housing refurbishment[...]