We project buildings aiming to achieve maximum energetic efficiency with minimum consumption.

Sustainable architecture minimises the spending of non renewable energies, both for its construction and for its use, through the design and correct choice of materials.

FG arquitectes is committed with comfort and energy savings. We work with rigor and professionalism supported by our wide experience and proven knowledge in the filed of sustainable architecture.

A properly designed building is a comfortable space where the environmental, hydrothermal, luminal and acoustic sensations meet comfort expectations with a minimum energetic consumption.

Sustainable architecture is the equivalent to well designed and built architecture, comfortable architecture.

Correctly designed

Correctly placed in the land, well oriented, with a functional distribution, with the correct proportion of openings in the facade and properly isolated in all its covering.

Correctly built

Using materials of low carbon dioxide consumption in its manufacturing, transport and assembly, using recyclable materials and durable solutions.

When we design a building with the aim to achieve maximum efficiency with a minimum consumption, we use elements and processes that meet all the comfort needs.

These are examples of constructive elements:


If we take into consideration the trajectory and position of the sun when designing a porch, the porch will cover us from the sun during the summer period and it will let the daylight through the building in winter.

Daylight channels

To ensure daylight reaches spaces and rooms with no windows we conduct the light through structures with mirrors that will help us to make the natural light reach closed spaces.

Cross ventilation

To help cooling the houses we try to achieve natural ventilation by forcing air flows between spaces that led to opened facades.


We try to achieve natural heating with no cost through solar capture. Areas with glass walls that are adjacent to the building will capture the heat from the sun and will send it to the interior of the building.


Isolation systems prevent heat losses during winter and prevent heat from entering a building in summer.

How sustainable a building is defined by its “skin”. A good design of the cover of a building improves its technical behaviour and contributes to reduce the energetic consumption and the toxic emissions.

Ventilated façade

This technique consists of closing a facade with two layers with a space between them filled with air. When the facade is heated by the sun the air in the spaces between the layers is heated preventing the heat from arching the interior of the building.

Renewable energies

We can improve the efficiency and energy savings by including in our projects systems to capture solar energy (solar and photovoltaic systems), systems that transform solar energy into electricity, and by reusing the soil stable temperatures with geothermic systems.

Energy rehabilitation in buildings

The majority of the buildings have a very poor energy performance. Energy restoration aims to correct these deficiencies and reduce energy consumption.

Most of the energetic consumption takes place during the edification process, around 40%. Almost 50% of the buildings in Spain were built before 1980, when there was no thermal isolation legislation.

If we combine these two aspects (inefficient buildings and high energy consumption) we can assure that energy restoration of existing buildings leads to savings and increased comfort, and the return of investments is relatively quick.

In the restoration of a building, facades and roofs are the most relevant aspects. Achieving and isolation of the covering according to the current legislation will reduce 50% of the heating-air conditioning consumption. If we use as well high efficiency boilers, the savings can go up to 70%.

Solar panel systems to obtain heated water save 60% of energetic consumption.

In our studio we analyse and evaluate the best options for each different scenario.

Energetic restoration of buildings is profitable.